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    After Hours Hooded Denim Dress
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Who we are ?

That’s So Mimi.....Sissy called me Mimi. She used to say “that’s so Mimi” often especially when she and my husband (Brian aka Mr. Mimi) were making fun of me for something.  Over the summer in 2017 I lost my sister to a rare and aggressive brain cancer. To say the months since she went to heaven have been hard would be a huge understatement. Our bucket list plan was to one day when our boys got a little bigger to start a craft/boutique business and travel on the weekends to craft festivals. We always said we would sell our crafts and let the boys run around and play, drink lemonade and eat funnel cakes. Although she isn’t here for us to have a business together and I probably will never travel to craft fairs I will definitely enjoy having my boutique in her memory while knowing she is smiling big from heaven. This picture is the last craft festival we went to together. Welcome to That’s So Mimi Boutique! I look forward to helping you find cute and affordable boutique clothing and accessories. I appreciate each and every one of you for helping me make our sister dream a reality.

Love, Kim (Mimi)

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